PT Asuransi Wahana Tata is a brand new name of PT Maskapai Asuransi Madijo which was established in Surabaya on 25 July 1964. The change of Company name and ownership acquirement on 1 May 1975 were the beginning of company operation which Head Office located in Jakarta, supported by 35 employees and paid-in capital Rp 100 million at that time.

As a leading national private-owned company, which is operated in general insurance services, PT ASURANSI WAHANA TATA currently has paid-in capital Rp 100 billion and has more than 60 marketing office networks which spread in almost all over Indonesian territory, supported by 1000 dedicated and professional employees.

The Company offers capacity for property insurance, motor vehicle insurance, marine cargo insurance, marine & aviation hull insurance, engineering insurance, oil & gas insurance, money insurance, liability insurance, bond insurance and personal accident insurance.

In the operation, the company also builds a sustainable and profitable cooperation relationship with all business partners, such as: insurance broker/re-insurance, leading re-insurance, either local or foreign; professional loss adjuster; independent surveyor, insurance agents and the best vehicle workshops.

Since 2005, the company has developed an integrated information technology system named LINTASWATA, which was capable to serve all company’s business processes in all company’s marketing office networks online. By using this LINTASWATA, the company can improve the comfort, quickness and precision services to all insurance policy holders.

In 2011, the company achieved a “Corporate Image Award 2011 – Indonesia’s Most Admired Companies (IMAC)” with predicate: “Excellence in Building and Managing Corporate Image”, for the category of “Non-Vehicle Insurance” from Frontier Consulting Group which was cooperated with Bloomberg Businessweek. Other appreciate is “Very Good Predicate on the financial performance in 2010” in the “Insurance Award 2011” which is given by the Infobank Magazine. This achievement has strengthened the company position as the market leader in general insurance industry in Indonesia.


To become the big 5 general insurance companies in Indonesia, to be recognized in regional level, to become customers’ and business partners’ first choice, and pride of the employees.


Run in general insurance sector by giving the best, reputable, innovative, and trustworthy services.


1.    Integrity, which involves values of discipline, responsibility, trustworthy, honesty and sincerity.
2.    Professionalism, which involves knowledge, skill and competence in insurance sector, and professional manner in running the insurance business.
3.    Teamwork, which involves : understand on the goals that are going to be achieved, know and able to perform essential duties in coordinating with people/other divisions, helping each other to achieve the definite mutual goals.
4.    Excellent, which involves trying to give the best services and results. Never be satisfied with standard and average results, instead trying to achieve better results.
5.    Creativity : always creating and inventing new methods to produce the best products and services for internal and external customers.

PT. Asuransi Wahana Tata

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